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Jul 22, 2012 5:30pm PDT
>>> the congregation prayed for the accused gunman. >>> james holmes as a mother and father and they carry a big burden we forget him to >>> across from the crime scene this man from illinois placed 12 crosses one for each victim he did this and after the 1999 columbine shootings >>> >>> all around are people selling church is turning to prayer to make sense of a massacre the suspected gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how holmes got the materials and in his apartment. >>> were building a case to show this was deliberate and processed by an intelligent man who want to do this >>> president obama arrived this afternoon he meets privately with the victims' families the suspect expected to make his first court appearance monday morning. law enforcement has revealed inside the suspect's apartment s.i. batman poster they found a batman mask and investigators have confiscated computer hard drive. >>> what you know about homes trying to join a shooting range >>> last month he tried to join a shooting range nearby in colorado and ya have to thoug
Jul 29, 2012 5:30pm PDT
charge one of the victims had a miscarriage james holmes accused of killing 12 people including ashley mozer who was pregnant at the time of the shooting her daughter was killed homicide charges only apply to those who had been " born alive " jens holmes back in court tomorrow cameras will not be alive along with reading formal charges the judge will rule on potential new evidence and again quarter. >>> this weekend filled with funeral and memorials help for victims of the colorado shooting the suspect is scheduled to be formally charged monday friends and families of victims come to grips with what happened during >>> ya don't have time to think about what you're going to do all's we can do is react >>> a court document reveals that holmes was a patient of a psychiatrist before the attack. a request from the suspect that authorities hand over a package he sent to the doctor on grounds it is protected communication. the package was seized last week a prosecutor agrees with holmes is positioned >>> and the communication between the defendant and psychiatrist is absolutely protected whic
Jul 21, 2012 5:30pm PDT
with " calculation and liberation " they say james holmes had been receiving deliveries for months weapons that armed him for battle and to be tracked people trapped his apartment, eight public defenders has been appointed to defend him appearing to receive garcia with more >>> some many developments an aurora i can tell you the shopping center has reopened and police plan to move out of the movie theater and midweek pass for a crosstown the bomb experts inside the suspect's apartment have cleared out the dangerous and explosive material. a controlled explosion went off inside the apartment of the accused gunman james holmes. the blast designed to help law- enforcement get inside the apartment they say contained a complicated array of explosive devices and ammunition and trigger wire. >>> the threat has not been eliminated but reduced. >>> he is in custody awaiting his first court appearance monday morning the 24-hour of former grad student is accused of shooting the moviegoers watching the new batman found. he has an attorney and not talking to police the day before the shootings is never say he mad
Jul 28, 2012 5:30pm PDT
last month but was one of the 12 killed when james holmes allegedly fired inside of the movie theater in aurora colorado. >>> let's focus on the victims let's do what we can to remember them and share their stories >>> her brother jordan >>> if this coward could've done this with that much at what can we do with this much luck >>> this memorial focused on jessica's passion for life but also made a point to remember other victims. especially those protecting others. matt mcquinn was one of them he died protecting his girlfriend. >>> his immediate response was to protect the one he left. there have been services for seven of the victims and still more to come. karen brown cbs news. >>> and air force reservist jesse childress buried today at a private service and colorado. controversial billboard has people angry and others ask questions it compares the president to the colorado the massacre suspect. >>> danielle nottingham in israel, mitt romney arrives in israel. >>> a beautiful day in the bay area changes are coming mid- week. what is happening next will do the weather forecast in a f
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4